Orange from White

Colours don’t often wake up my taste buds. Mauve. Nothing. Black. Nope. Does White have a taste or a bouquet? Blue, Green ….. Orange?   Yes.    Citrus and tangy zestiness jump out – because its a fruit. I now accept ‘Orange Wine’ as a category as valid as I do Red, White, Sparkling and Rosé. It has taken me…

Happy New Year (Masterclasses)

Fabulous Christmas. Tremendous New Year. Rang it all through with the very excellent Jaume Serra Cava from Spar and decided that my favourite Prosecco (while the competition was weak it shouldn’t take away from this wine distributed by Gilbeys of Ireland!) is the Maschio dei Cavalieri Spumante! There. That’s a first for me – a favourite Prosecco …….