Free Wine Tour to Australia!

Wine Australia has organised an interesting and very welcome event in Dublin. They call it an Immersion Training Day.

The invite email read as follows:

I am writing to send you details of the Australian Immersion Training day which will   take place in Dublin on Tues 31st May 2016.
This is an all-day course which will be presented by Laura Jewell MW and John McDonnell.
The target audience is key press, on and off trade and of course importers who are directly involved in selling Australian Wine.
We would like to invite you to attend, those attending will be entered into a draw and one person from Ireland will win a trip to Australia. 

Events like these are top class and allow us to get to grips with up to date info in a very real way. Well done Wine Australia. I hope it goes well for you and everyone who can attend.


 Now for the criticism – and it’s a genuine one. Why on earth are they offering an educational package by way of a raffle? What’s that all about? Let’s look at this in the real world.

Only those who can afford a full day can attend. So, everyone tied into school runs, difficult employers etc are out! No educational tour for you.

Some poor fella or gal might really, REALLY want this (and deserve it), turn up at every event like this forever – and never win. On the flip side randomness might mean that the same attendee could win this again and again!! That would be just plain stupid.

The actual invite read as follows:

this informative programme is aimed at those with some basic wine knowledge who will benefit from a deeper understanding of the Australian wine sector

Well, how can that possibly include key press? I’d have thought most of these already have a deep understanding as most have already been bought to Australia already. So, some poor fella or gal might very well take the day of work and watch as some press hack who has already been brought to the Land of Sunshine Down Under wins the prize to travel all over again.


 It might even be worse! Imagine the penniless wine student dreaming of a ten-day wine tour of Australia watching the owner of his main competitor winning the prize. Yes, that would be worse. It can be easily argued that importers should not be allowed to win.

 I could go on. The point is that Wine Australia have not thought the prize element out. Indeed, educational packages should not be doled out as prizes at all. They should be part of a strategy where the deserving and the most useful are granted the privilege.

Useful to Australia.

Deserving in Ireland

Right now Australia is in danger of hosting someone who attended just to get out of a days’ work   –   and has no interest in Australia or its wines at all!!!!

Want to win the Barossa Sunset – Immerse yourself

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